Description and advantages

UNIPRINT SOFT BS (item 302BS) is a very elastic white water based polyurethane coating, laminated on a universal thermo-adhesive layer, itself laminated on an adhesive polyester carrier. An additional layer between polyurethane and thermo-adhesive is a total barrier against sublimation ink. It is applicable on sublimated polyester garments.

See also our UNIPRINT NATURE product.

  • Highly elastic film increasing washing resistance
  • Total barrier against resublimation
  • Elasticity and softness bring great wear comfort
  • Full opacity allows it to be applied on all garments, even with printed stripes
  • Energy and time saving : 130°C-5 sec
  • Quick weeding
  • It does not require any Application Tape (as it stays flat), except for pre-spaced letterings
  • Solvent-free and PVC-free
  • High durability of print after washings
  • Doesn’t wrinkle after washings

Technical Data Sheet

Marking Film

Printable white, opaque, aqueous polyurethane

Heatadhesive copolymer, with matte surface

125 microns- USA 4.9 mils

Carrier film

Adhesive polyester

115 microns, USA 4.5 mils

Appliable on following textiles

Sublimation printed polyester

Heating temperature and time

Maximum Washing temperature

Washing temperature cfp flex