CFP FLEX, a producer of innovative sustainable HTV solutions

Located near Saint-Etienne (France), CFP FLEX is a fully integrated producer of waterbased Polyurethane Heat Transfer Vinyls, part of the Poli-Tape group. It was founded by the ROZIER family who has been active in the field of technical films on textiles for many years at international level.

Our main motivation is to offer a range of ECOFRIENDLY FLEX and PRINT with the same universal heatadhesive in order to faciliate the heat transfer specialists’ work, to optimize stocks and to meet growing market demand for sustainable solutions.

Since the end of 2021, CFP Flex is part of the Poli-Tape group, one of the market leaders in Heat Transfer on Textiles. This partnership will allow CFP FLEX to increase its market presence with its specific brands UNIFLEX, UNIPRINT, LIBERTY PRINT and to optimize customers’ contribution to a sustainable future.


What makes CFP FLEX unique?

  • Ecofriendly HTV: Waterbased polyurethane, solvent-free and PVC free
  • Production fully integrated: all steps made under the same roof in France
  • Unique production process offering high qualitive waterbased PU HTV
  • Innovation and user experience driven
  • Low temperature transfer to save energy & minimize users’ costs
  • Universal products: Applicable on ALL kinds of textiles
  • For each type of ink print technology, CFP FLEX has a solution

Why choosing CFP FLEX as a supplier?

  • Meets increasing customers’ needs of a sustainable solution in HTV
  • Recyclable products
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Universal products reduce our partners’ & final users’ stocks to improve cashflow
  • Energy saving for final user & costs saving
  • Unique products range to differenciate yourself
  • Offering meets different users’ budgets and technologies

Our added value


CFP, a french
family company


An integrated




Our priority: customers’ satisfaction