Description & Advantages

LIBERTY PATCH SUBLI PRINT is a printable TEXTILE in water-based polyurethane, thus without solvent, white, on polyester support, printing by transfer with any SUBLIMATION inks. It is applicable on any textile, available in A4, A3 and rolls.

It is ideal for badges, emblems, patches, workwear, sports and fashion clothing.

5 different versions of patches’ finish exist:

  • A standard woven fabric (S901T)
  • A Twill woven fabric (S904T)
  • A Soft non-woven fabric (S903T)
  • An Anti resublimation woven fabric (S901TBS)
  • A Satin woven fabric (S902T)


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  • Applicable on light and dark textiles: cotton, polyester and nylon
  • Durable, soft polyester textile with a touch and visual rendering of FABRIC
  • Ideal for badges, professional wears, sportswear and fashion clothes
  • Freedom to create any visual : photo, logo, small letterings, gradient and endless colors
  • Professional rendering with VIBRANT colors
  • Easy to cut with a plotter with optical eye function, also with laser cutting machine
  • High resistance to washing up to 60°C (40°C for nylon)
  • Transfer printing on sublimation paper

Liberty Patch Subli Print

Liberty Patch Subli Satin

Technical Datasheet

Marking film

White polyester textile woven in France, with waterbased polyurethane, printable by transfer paper.

S901T: 300 microns / USA 11.8 mils

S903T: 280 microns / USA 11 mils

S904T: 230 microns / USA 9.1 mils

S901TBS: 380 microns / USA 15 mils

Carrier film

Adhesive polyester support

120 microns / USA 4.7 mils

Appliable on following textiles

Light or dark colored textiles


Heating temperature and time

1/ Transfer of the sublimation paper printed on Liberty Patch Subli at :

2/ Transfer of Liberty Patch Subli on the final textile to be personalised:

For Liberty Patch Subli Blocksub and Liberty Patch Subli Satin, please check the datasheet for specific parameters

Maximum washing temperature

For Liberty Patch Subli Blocksub, please check the datasheet for specific parameters