Description and advantages

LIBERTY LASER CLEAR is a solvent-free water-based polyurethane transparent, printable, applicable on white or very clear textiles. It is suitable to LASER printing. It is available in A4 and A3 formats.

3 items :

– Item L401A LIBERTY LASER CLEAR A with an adhesive polyester carrier

– Item L401S LIBERTY LASER CLEAR S with a non-adhesive polyester carrier

– Item L402S LIBERTY LASER CLEAR STRETCH S with a non-adhesive polyester carrier

For colored textiles, you must use our LIBERTY LASER DARK product.

  • Very quick and cost saving to print
  • A professional quality: colors, details
  • Simple to use in format
  • Can be transfered at only 160°C on any textile
  • Brings great autonomy hence efficiency in the personalisation realisation
  • Production flexibility : unit option or important volume
  • Transparent carrier enables to position the image easily and precisely on the textile
  • Easy to cut out the contours thanks to a plotter with an optical eye function
  • Print in mirror -Direct heatpressing, without application tape.
  • Very thin film 60µ
  • Elastic and strong film, doesn’t wrinkle after many washings at 60°C
  • Universal thermoadhesive with excellent proven bonding on most textiles

Technical Data Sheet

Marking film

Laser printable transparent heatadhesive copolymer

Transparent aqueous polyurethane with matt surface

60 microns / USA  2.36 mils

Carrier film

Adhesive polyester


Non-adhesive polyester

L401A: 120 microns, USA 4.7 mils

L401S: 100 microns, USA 3.9 mils

Appliable on following textiles :

White or pale textile


Heating temperature and time

Maximum Washing temperature