Description and advantages

Our latest INNOVATION : LIBERTY SUBLI PRINT (item S701 A) is a solvent-free water-based polyurethane, with an adhesive polyester carrier, directly printable by SUBLIMATION INKS & INKJET white, applicable on ALL clear and dark TEXTILE. It is available in A4, A3 formats and rolls.

See also our new product for sublimation inks LIBERTY PATCH SUBLI product.

  • Applicable on clear or dark textiles: cotton, polyester, elastane and nylon
  • Very soft touch, thin and stretch film
  • Quick transfer at low temperature : 140°C-15sec
  • A professional quality with vibrant colors and details
  • Compatible with all sublimation printer
  • Compatible with standard sublimation inks
  • Can be printed with sublimation inks and inkjet as well
  • Easy and quick direct print.
  • Possibility to cut out the contours thanks to a plotter with an optical eye function
  • No need of Application Tape for simple shapes as it is easy to remove from carrier and stays flat
  • Withstand many washing cycles up to 30°C

Technical Data Sheet

Marking film

Printable heatadhesive copolymer

with sublimation inks and inkjet

White aqueous polyurethane with matt surface

150 microns / USA  5.9 mils

Carrier film

Self-adhesive polyester carrier

120 microns / USA 4.7 mils

Appliable on following textiles :

Clear and dark textiles:
Cotton – Polyester – Elastane – Nylon

Heating temperature and time

For nylon, press at higher temperature/more time

For dark sublimated polyester textile, press at 120°C- 5sec

Maximum Washing temperature

washing temperature inkjet print heat transfer