Description and advantages

UNIFLEX Stretch on black legging, exceptional stretchability and rebound HTV heat transfer film
stretched white UNIFLEX Stretch, solvent-free HTV with exceptional stretchability and rebound
OEKO-TEX certification label

UNIFLEX STRETCH is solvent-free, water-based heat transfer film with exceptional STRETCHABILITY and REBOUND. This polyurethane with a universal heatadhesive has high wash resistance and is suitable for performance apparel, elastic fabrics, and other types of textiles, including nylon or coated polyester for raincoats, luggages, umbrellas and other applications.

See also our UNIFLEX BLOCKSUB products, elastic heat transfer films with barrier against resublimation.

  • Elastic film that will rebound
  • Ideal for athletic wear
  • Easy and accurate weeding, even of small letters
  • Energy and time saving : 130°C-5 sec
  • Matt colour and soft touch result
  • Solvent-free, PVC-free
  • Bonds to all textiles including coated nylon
  • Suitable for overlappings
  • High wash resistance: 60°C
  • Low tack adhesive, easy to handle
  • Doesn’t wrinkle after washing
  • Can be cut with laser systems

Colour Range

UNIFLEX Stretch colour range, elastic film that will rebound and suitable for sportswear

Technical data sheet

Marking film

Heatadhesive copolymer

Water-based polyurethane

80 microns / USA 3.1 mils ( +/- 5%)

(White offers a high white coverage and consequentely is thicker than Black)

Carrier film

Self-adhesive polyester

120 microns / USA 4.8 mils

Appliable on following textiles

Elastic fabrics (elastane…)
Other uncoated
Coated nylon

Heating temperature and time

Standard Textiles

Coated Nylon



(Except for coated garments: Coldpeel)

Maximum Washing temperature

Standard textiles

Coated Nylon