Description and advantages

LIBERTY LASER DARK PREMIUM (item L404A) is a solvent-free water-based polyurethane, printable, white, applicable on colored textiles with an adhesive polyester carrier. It is suitable to LASER printing. It is available in A4 and A3 formats. PREMIUM version enables quicker and lower temperature heat transfer and gives higher qualitative colors rendering than standard Laser Dark product.



  • Premium version enables quick and lower temperature heat transfer as well as higher qualitative colors rendering
  • Can be transfered at only 140°C -15 sec on most textiles
  • For sublimated polyester textiles, can be transfered at 120°C-5/10sec
  • Very quick to create, no need to raster/ no RIP software
  • Cost saving : print with a standard CMYK laser printer
  • A professional quality: soft, any colors, any small details
  • Easy to cut out the contours thanks to a plotter with an optical eye function
  • No need of Application tape for simple shapes – for prespaced patterns, use our Application Tape UNITAPE 501 or 502
  • Elastic and strong film, doesn’t wrinkle or break after many washings at 40°C
  • Universal thermoadhesive with excellent proven bonding on most textiles
  • Solvent-Free and PVC-free waterbased Polyurethane

Technical Datasheet

Marking film

White and mat polyurethane, laser printable

Copolymere thermoadhesive

110 microns / USA 4.3mils

Carrier film

Adhesive polyester

120 microns, USA 4.7 mils

Appliable on following textiles :

Colored textiles:

Heating temperature and time

Maximum Washing temperature

Washing temperature cfp flex

Cold Peel our UNITAPE 501 or 502