Eco Friendly Heat Transfer Films

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Eco Friendly Heat Transfer Films

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26th july 2021

Eco Friendly Heat Transfer Films

Heat transfer on textiles becomes greener thanks to CFP Flex the ecofriendly French manufacturer.

CFP Flex, a coating manufacturer creates water-based polyurethane, solvent-free and PVC-free Heat Transfer films for textiles personalisation. Objective of limiting carbon footprint for CFP Flex but also for users with qualitative, low energy and resistant products has been successfully achieved with partnerships built with resellers in more than 20 countries.

After years of Research and Development, the company’s MD Christian Rozier has succeeded in creating water-based polyurethane, meaning a solvent-free product but also elastic, thin and high-quality HTV.

“The principle is to deposit a layer of liquid paint that is left to dry on a layer from which water vapour is extracted. It is a procedure unique in the world”.

The entire process is carried out in-house to avoid production transport. It is a strategy that enables the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, ensures strict control of quality and productivity and gets competitive prices.

Today, CFP Flex offers a range of 70 references of Cut and Printable for heat transfer, all manufactured with a universal termo-adhesive suitable to any textiles (cotton, polyester, nylon…), that facilitates end-user work and optimises stock management. Moreover, the company creates its own colours according to customers’ needs and trends.



The company limits its carbon footprint for many reasons: all products are water-based polyurethane, so no solvent is rejected in the air; Our innovations UNIPRINT NATURE and UNIFLEX NATURE have a unique paper carrier (from well-managed forests) rather than a polyester one which is derived from petrol; Of course, all raw materials are of EU origin.

“We are the first and the only manufacturer in the world to offer this. Our products are innovative, environmentally friendly but above all easy & quick to use” clarifies Christian Rozier.

The final customer takes part also of limiting the carbon emission thanks to the heat transfer at low temperature for a very short time, which allows energy and time saving.


Present in about twenty countries in the world, CFP FLEX realizes 90% of its revenues abroad with 3 product categories:




Thanks to the products’ versatility, suitable to all types of textiles and inks (eco-solvent, solvent, UV, latex, sublimation, injection…), CFP Flex can meet various customers’ needs from big industrials (fashionwear, sportwear, workwear, events…) to DIY crafters. Christian Rozier keeps focusing on quality and innovations by spending time and efforts in R&D. In fact, as the company produces all its products thanks to its expertise in coating and eco-friendly formulations, it has the ability to innovate constantly meeting customers’ needs.

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