Description and advantages

UNIFLEX BLOCKSUB is an elastic Flex with a barrier against resublimation and is solvent-free, water-based polyurethane with an universal heatadhesive applicable on Sublimation printed garments.

  • UNIFLEX QUICK BLOCKSUB (103S BS) is on a static, non-adhesive polyester carrier.
  • UNIFLEX A BLOCKSUB (203A BS) is matt and on an adhesive polyester carrier.

See also our UNIFLEX QUICK product.

  • Very quick weeding : save time!
  • Total barrier against resublimation
  • Softness and elongation bring great wear comfort
  • Energy and time saving : 130°C-5 sec
  • Full opacity allows it to be applied on all garments, even with printed stripes.
  • Pleasant low tack adhesive, easy to stack and handle.
  • Doesn’t wrinkle after washing

Colors’ range

Technical data sheet

Marking film

Heatadhesive copolymer

Water-based polyurethane

100 microns – USA 4.92 mils

Carrier film

Non-adhesive polyester (103S BS) or adhesive polyester (203A BS)

100µ (103S BS) or 90µ (203A BS)

Appliable on following textiles

Sublimation printed polyester


Heating temperature and time

Peeling instructions

warm or cold

Maximum Washing temperature

Washing temperature cfp flex