Description and advantages

PREM’DTF Blocksub (item DTF2002BS) is an anti-resublimation PET film, with 75µ of thickness, 100% manufactured in France. It is a black barrier that blocks polyester textile resublimation by using a two-step process (see our technical datasheet below for more details). It is suitable for DTF technologies, thus has higher efficiency as cutting and weeding are not needed.

See also our standard PREM’DTF products.

  • Great opacity and resublimation blocking properties
  • Special black coating barrier blocking resublimation
  • Elastic and soft
  • Can be applied at 110°C with special powder
  • A two step process to use with transparent PREM’DTF
  • High temperature resistant that prevents ink migration during the printing DTF process

Available dimensions

Available in rolls and formats:

Roll of 30/40/45/50/60/80/120 cm* x 25 m

A3 or 40 cm x 50 cm

*Customised upon request